What Is Gonorrhea?

Gonorrhea is a very commonly occurred sexual transmitted disease also known as “The Clap” and it is estimated annually about 80 million people reportedly suffer or show symptoms of this disease. Although it is not a serious problem but if it is not treated can cause serious medical complications such as Pelvic Inflammatory Disease which occurs in women and can cause infertility. While in men it can lead to epididymitis.

Gonorrhea is caused due to the activity of the bacteria Neisseria gonorrhoeae. It can be potent during pregnancy because it can be transmitted from the mother to the soon and also if it untreated for longer periods of time it can attack the immune system and can lead to HIV. In this article we will discuss what are the symptoms ,  how to cure gonorrhea without going to the doctor if you are shy from sharing your personal disease.

Symptoms Of Gonorrhea

Gonorrhea occurs both in women and men but they experience different kinds of symptoms. In men, there can be different colors of urethral discharge like white, mustard color. The foreskin might swell and pain in the testicles and pain while urinating.

While in women the symptoms can be very different from women like painful sexual intercourse, high fever, irregular occurrence during periods such as heavier periods, excessive bleeding, painful urination etc. If you have any of these symptoms you should immediately visit the doctor and if you are scared and shy you can opt for home remedies There are many blogs written about, how to cure gonorrhea without going to the doctor.


It is advised to at least visit a doctor if you show signs of gonorrhea because there can be other hidden symptoms or diseases. The procedure is very easy simple, usually the doctor will ask you to take a urine test or patch sample from the affected area. While in the case of women, special medical test kits are available so they don’t have to visit the doctor.

The medications include giving shots of antibiotics that are made of ceftriaxone and azithromycin and the doctor might ask you abstain from sexual activities.


If you want to prevent and wonder how to cure gonorrhea without going to the doctor you might have to practice hygiene and avoid from unsafe sex whenever possible.

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